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Sermons for May 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015


             Psalm 22: 25- 31

             1 John 4: 7- 16

              John 15: 1- 8

Sermon:                    "Abide In Christ"

This week, which is the Fifth Week of Easter, we discuss Jesus' message of the Vine and the Branches. Here we learn that being connected to Jesus is the most important thing for us as Christians. If we are in Jesus and Jesus is in us, we will love one another and our efforts and missions will bear fruit. That is to be successful and caring. But if we are not connected to the vine of all strength through the Holy Spirit, we can not be anything, and our efforts will all be for naught. We aren't called to do this by our own strength, but by the Holy Spirit and grace. When we are connected and being fed by the vine, nothing is imposssible and our love will shine very brightly.


Sunday, May 10, 2015 Mother's Day


             Psalm 98

             1 John 5: 1- 6

              John 15: 9- 17

Sermon:                      "God Is Love"

This Sunday is Mother's Day, when we celebrate our Moms. We will see how God's Love is very much like a Mom's love. For many of us, our Mothers were willing to sacrifice everything for their children and their family, just as God has done for us, and calls all of us, not just Moms, to do. For we know that God is pure and unlimited love. To live our lives connected to this awesome source of love, we all can love like that. Sadly, not all of us do. We sometimes fail and not make that mark, Mothers included. And for some of us and some Mothers, we are not able to come even close and even more sadly, some can not be supportive or nuturing of their kids. It is for them that we must show love and give them the suppport they need.


Sunday, May 17, 2015  Last Sunday of Sunday School


             Psalm 1

             1 John 5: 9- 13

             John 17: 6- 19

Sermon:              "Your Word Is Truth"

This Sunday is our last session of the Sunday School classes. We will be celebrating  and recognizing all those who have been involved in our Sunday School: our students, teachers and helpers. Our sermon this week willl look at God's Holy Word and what it means to us and to all of God's people. It is through the Word that we know about God, what God has done for us, how God's people have lived with God in the past, and what God calls us to do now and in the future.


Sunday, May 24, 2015  Pentecost and Memorial Day Sunday


             Ezekiel 37: 1- 14

             Acts 2: 1- 21

Sermon:              "The Spirit Comes!"

This week we will be celebrating Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of God's Holy and Universal Church, and also remembering those who gave their lives for our country. Our service will be both celebrative and sorrowful, religious and patriotic. We will see how the Holy Spirit exploded upon the scene that first Pentecost, setting the Disciples on fire for God's Mission and for our Church. And we will also look at how our faith can be used in service for our country and for our communities. This is also the Sunday when we take our Strengthen the Chruch offering, one of the five special offerings we take for the United Church of Christ.


Sunday, May 31, 2015  Trinity Sunday


             Isaiah 6: 1- 8

             Romans 8: 12- 17

             John 3: 1- 17

Sermon:             "God So Loved The World"

This week we will be celebrating Trinity Sunday, which is held for us in the Church to honor the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, the three in one. It this week's sermon we will see how we experience God in each of His incarnations. We will see how the Father's awesome glory is shown, how the Son's great sacrifice changes our lives and saves our soul, and how the Holy Spirit's sustaining love annd power enables us and the Church to further God's Kingdom in our communities, our nation and around the world.


Faith UCC, Boston NY Church Family

Faith Church adopted the motto "A Friendly Family of Faith" several years ago. We seek to live it out as individuals and as a congregation. Newcomers many times mention the warm welcome that they receive when they attend worship and they soon feel comfortable amongst our members. There is a real feeling of being part of a family. Faith is not only the name of the Church but it is also the way we live out our relationship with Jesus Christ in everyday life.

Our church family encompasses the towns of Boston, Springville, Colden, Orchard Park, Hamburg, East Aurora, Eden, Buffalo, Alden, and East Concord. Our hospitality is extended to people of many religious backgrounds including Roman Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Lutheran. As a United Church of Christ, serving a multi-generational church community, Faith strives to welcome everyone no matter where they are on their journey of faith or of life.

So welcome to "A Friendly Family of Faith!"

No Matter Where You Are On Life's Journey, You Are Welcome Here.


Worship Time

Sunday School Classes for all those over 3 years of age resume in September.
Worship at 10:15 a.m. through June.
Beginning July 5th, worship at 9:30 a.m.

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